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Having a pre-approved resume increases the chances of your resume being seen by Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

Why Resume Certified?

Resume Certified’s BREES™ System will revolutionize the way resumes are viewed by recruiters and hiring managers who don’t want any surprises during the hiring process. Resumes often contain false, misleading, or inaccurate information causing massive frustration for recruiters and hiring managers. Getting to the end of the hiring process only to find discrepancies on a candidate’s background check, references, qualifications, or representation on social media can seriously jeopardize your chances of getting hired. But our stats show that 96% of the hiring managers we surveyed said that they would be more likely to schedule an interview for a candidate with a pre-screened resume containing the BREES™ icon.

How It Works?

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  • B - Background Check Verified
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  • E - Education and Skills Verified
  • E - Employment Verified
  • S - Social Media Profile Verified
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